Windows 7: More Energy, More Potential

After several controversies and critics thrown on the performance of Windows Vista from the software giant, Microsoft, they now moved to their next operating system, Windows7.

There are some who said that Microsoft was panic with the failure of Windows Vista making them wanted to introduce Windows 7 even though Vista is still very new in the market.

Whatever the society assume, the company which under Bill Gates’ power realize that Windows 7 is a new aura in the computer world which stores far more different technology compared to Vista. The company promises differences for the new Windows 7 OS by saying that it is greater and innovative.

Microsoft also said that majority of consumers will recommend Windows 7 to their friends after they are satisfied with its impressive performance. Based on the public feedback, Microsoft has made it to be better and has included the ability to convert programmes and recording television. Microsoft has puts the same Vista’s technology in Windows 7 but it has rectified all the weaknesses which occurred in Vista.

Screenshot of Windows 7.Screenshot of Windows 7.

Among the features of Windows 7 includes making the computer to its owner will and provide network which can be linked with mobile phone, printer, digital photo, computers and other smart devices.

Windows 7 is designed to make all daily tasks which involves computer to be faster and display new characteristic while focusing on diverse suitability and application use of computers.

Most impressive, Windows 7 is able to be use for netbooks (mini notebooks) which previously heavily depends on Windows XP if you want faster operation.

Normally netbook on the market have the memory capacity of one gigabyte because of its small size.

If seen in netbook shop, people will find that the netbook seldom use Windows Vista for several reason including it inability to accommodate large memory capacity.

However, Windows 7 become an attractive OS to replace Windows XP as its operational system use far smaller memory compared to Vista. This is a strategy to suit the netbook market which is growing and expected to be among the main devices bought by consumers in the futures because of its smaller size and mobility.

For video game lover on the other hand, Windows 7 has the best-fit operating system as the software allow high-capacity graphic control added with high definition (HD) ability.

If previously the users are less satisfied with sluggish character movement in a game, Windows 7 helps to decrease this with new innovations in the OS.

For the business world on the other hand, Windows 7 is an answer to various problems faced that has caused many organizations to still maintain Windows XP as their main operating system. This is because Windows 7 offers higher efficiency compared to Windows Vista.

Research done by ScriptLogic has shown that 41 companies in the Asian region will change to Windows 7 within a year exceeding the Windows XP penetration rate when it was launched. According to Pickup, Microsoft is optimist on the future of Windows 7 as it is able to adapt in the business environment.

Among the increase of efficiency level gained is operating cost saving because Windows 7 uses low system requirement and extends the computer usable time.

From PC to web then mobile phone and from server to all other systems, Microsoft continues focusing on creating the next experience which change our life, work and play.

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