Create Your Own Car Emergency Kit, Prepare for Unknown Situation on the Road

Be Prepared for Any Emergency on the Road, Create Your Own Car Emergency Kit

Always keep a basic vehicle first aid or emergency kit in the trunk of your vehicle. You can easily create an emergency kit for your vehicle by filling a plastic storage container with the following:
  • a basic first aid kit,
  • a tire repair kit and pump,
  • a disposable camera,
  • a small tool kit,
  • emergency road flares,
  • a towel,
  • warning triangles or cones,
  • a pair of work gloves,
  • a fire extinguisher, (A-B-C Type),
  • some type of nonperishable food,
  • hand wipes,
  • a flashlight and extra batteries,
  • bottled water,
  • booster cables, and
  • a thermal blanket.
We don't know when will need it, but when in need it should be there. It can be stressful when an emergency or car accident happens, but it is best to remain calm. So always be prepared for any unknown situation.

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