Crazy Jump Video, No Safety Gears Attached

This video shows people jumping off a two stories building, jumping through glass windows and off a building. What scares me is they did not use any safety equipment. The jumpers also seems to have some injuries after doing the stunts.

They all wear silat shirts, ie the black shirt and pants, bengkong and the head scarf. Shameful for the guru to just watch his students done the crazy stunts. If something bad happens, I think he will just run away.

This video seems to be captured in Indonesia by seeing the people in the video. The time maybe around the 70's or 80's based on the clothes wear by them.

Before you watch the video, I warn you, this is not suitable for all to view.

Don't do this. Bye.


  1. This video is not good! definitely not good!. Kids don't try this.

  2. It's very dangerous without Safety vest, when you try it please keep your safety first.