15 Interesting and Weird Facts

These are 15 interesting and weird facts that makes you wonder:

  1. Butterflies taste its food by foot.

  2. Duck quacks does not produce echo.

  3. In 10 minutes time, a typhoon releases much more energy compared entire energy that can be released from nuclear weapons on earth.

  4. In average, many peoples are more afraid of spiders compared to afraid of dying.

  5. Elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump.

  6. One from two billion of human beings can live up to 116 years or more.

  7. It is possible for a cow to go up by stair, but it is impossible for the cow to go down by stair.

  8. Women blink twice more that men.

  9. Physically by nature, it is impossible for you to lick your own elbow.

  10. A snail can sleep up to three years.

  11. The size human eye is the same since birth, but the growth of nose and ears is never stop during lifetime.

  12. All polar bears are left-handed.

  13. The eye of an ostrich is bigger that its brain.

  14. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be built from the alphabets that placed on the same line of a keyboard.

  15. Almost all this blog readers have tried to lick their elbow.

Hehehe…Have a nice day. :)

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