The Great Wall of China; the World Longest Graveyard

A beautiful photo of The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China get the title because during its construction many of the workers especially farmers has died.

It has been written by many writers on the place of interest in Beijing, China which stores various histories of the past.

The Great Wall of China as one of Seven Wonders of the World always captures and draws tourists to the country which now has become as one of the world economic power.This historical place is so magnificent. It amazed all peoples around the world from all walks of life. These are some facts of the wonder of the world:

  • Known as ancient China fortress built around 200 BC.
  • Fortified between the end of 14th century and the beginning of 17th century, during Ming’s Dynasty, to protect China from Mongolian attacks.
  • The wall length is about 6,700 kilometers (km), from Shanghai Pass to Bohai Bay at the east side located nearby China and Manchuria’s border, to Lop Nur beside the southeast of Xinjiang province.
  • A defense wall built at the northern boundary in Qin's dynasty and looked after by their further dynasties. Five major reconstructions are being recorded as follow:
    • 208 SM (Qin's Dinasty)
    • 1st century (Han's Dinasty)
    • 7th century (Sui's Dinasty)
    • 1138- 1198 (China Five Dynasties and Ten States Period)
    • 1368- 1640 (from Emperor Hongwu to Emperor Wanli during Ming's Dynasty)
  • It is called "The Longest Graveyard of The World" because many of the workers especially farmers has died during its construction.
  • Ming's Dynasty Great Wall starts at the east from Shanghai Fortress, near Qinhuangdao in Hebei province.
  • It passes through nine provinces, 100 districts and last 500 km of its part in the west has been ruined entirely. The end in its west side today is located in Jiayuguan's historic place (Jiayu fortress) in western Gansu territory, at the end of The Silk Road.
  • It situated about one hour of traveling from Beijing.
This is a great place to visit. Make sure to has a visit here someday. Bye. :)

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