Weird Crocodile Headed Fish

A weird crocodile headed fish, possibly a prehistoric fish.
A weird crocodile headed fish has been found by a security guard, Kamaruddin Salleh, during a big flood which has happened in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia back in year 2007. He found this weird crocodile fish near a Seri Gading's JPJ weighing station. This fish is believed to lost it's way when being swept away by the flood current to the place where it was found.

This fish is 45 cm long, have fish body and scales but have a crocodile head. The difference is it does not have feet. It's tail has spots like toman fish. This fish died after a few hours it has been caught. Play the video above to see more of the fish.

Weird fish, right? I think this fish is another prehistoric survivor. Hope you enjoy this. Bye. :)


  1. it's called an alligator gar.

  2. we got one, we take care of it since 2001 and its length is about less than 10cm when we bought it, but now it is about 20cm... watch this...

  3. ya,its an aligator gar,if u at malaysia u can find it at tasik kenyir(i think)and also it not weird,because it was many at amazon(i think)