Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others ?

Unfair, isn't it? But if you wear light clothing, keep still and are fairly small, you are less likely to be bitten.

A mosquito under a leaf.Mosquitoes are attracted visually by colour, shape and movement, and also by the carbon dioxide we emit. If you are in a field, for example, mosquitoes will probably first be attracted visually. If you’re deep in the forest, where their vision is limited, it’s the carbon dioxide that will lure them.

Obviously the bigger you are, the more of a visual target you present and the more carbon dioxide you give off. So men generally get bitten more than women. But if you fidget and try to swat the mosquitoes, you’ll give off more carbon dioxide and perspiration, luring the little pests to you.

Amusingly, only female mosquitoes bite. They need the proteins found in our blood in order to produce eggs, which they can’t produce by themselves. Some specialized mosquitoes bite only cold-blooded reptiles like frogs, alligators or snakes.

Perhaps the best advice about mosquitoes is that when you are giving an outdoor party or picnic, be sure to invite a large man wearing dark clothes and who fidgets a lot. The mosquitoes will bite him, leaving the rest of your guests relatively unscratched.

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  1. Had no idea mosquitoes were selective at all, very information thanks!