Tanzanite - A Girl's Best Friends in Years to Come

A diamond shaped tanzanite.Tanzanite, a hot gemstone and to be rare in the near future.
Diamond may be forever, but look for other stones to may break out as well. Now jewelers can't keep them in the store. A shortage of certain rubies and sapphires as well as aquamarines garnets may means that the price will go up.

Quantities of tanzanite, one of newest and hottest gemstones will be depleted in about 12 years, which could make it pricier. But not to worry, there are plenty of places in Africa and in the Far East where new gems are just waiting to be mined.

Tanzanite is the blue/purple variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in the Meralani (Merelani) Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, near the city of Arusha. It is a popular and valuable gemstone when cut. Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing alternately sapphire blue, violet, and burgundy depending on crystal orientation.

Tanzanite in its rough state is usually a reddish brown color. And as such is heated to 600 °C in a gemological oven to bring out the classic blue violet of the stone.

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