10 Steps of How to Give Good Speeches

Have you ever wonder how to give good speeches? Speeches that are memorable and quotable and captures all the attention of the peoples. If you looking for the way to give a good speech, here are some tips for you.

But first, before you give your speech there are some things that you need to prepare: brevity, a glass of water, an image, gestures, an emotional stance and keywords.

There are several steps. They were elaborated in the video below, but i just listed them down here to make it easy for your reference:

Step 1: Tell the audiences what you are going to tell them.
Step 2: Keep your comment short around the five second mark and give them a definitive end.
Step 3: Just be yourself.
Step 4: Have a sip, while collecting your thought, or just to shut your self up.
Step 5: Leave a small pause before and after the sentence and phrase that is the most important.
Step 6: Don't plagiarize.
Step 7: Repeat yourself.
Step 8: Rehearse three or four powerful gestures and use them sparingly to add emphasis on your most important point. Automate your move.
Step 9: Sell it with a smile but at appropriate moments.
Step 10: Repeat yourself again and again.

Also pay attention to nonverbal communications. Here's the video. Hope this could help you with your speech. :)

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