Kiwi Cheesecake with Spirulina

Kiwi Cheesecake with Spirulina
• 450 g of Philadelphia cream cheese
• 150 g of fine sugar
• 2 kiwi fruit - minced
• 150 g of junket
• 1 1/2 packet of instant gelatin
• 2 capsules of spirulina
• Sliced kiwi fruit for decoration

Base Ingredients
• 500 g of biscuit - crushed
• 150 g of butter - melted


For the base layer:
- Mix the biscuit and butter.
- Press the mixture in a baking dish until it compact.
- Make sure additive prepared perfectly.
- Bake for 10 minutes in an oven with temperature of 180 degree Celsius.
- Take out and let it cools.

For cheesecake:
- Beat sugar and cream cheese until the sugar melts and blended material become smooth.
- Add junket and continue beating.
- Add the minced fruit and mix it.
- Melt the gelatin in hot water and add to cheese mixture.
- Mix until it blends and add spirulina powder while continue mixing.
- Pour mixture to the base layer and spread evenly its surface.
- Put into refrigerator until it hardens.
- Decorate with the kiwi slices.

Have a try. :)

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