The Best Way to Dispose of Used Household Oil

Cooking oil add to deliciousness of cookings. Disposing used cooking oil could become a problem. Read this article to know the ways to get your cooking oil disposed without harming the environment.

If you're throwing oil on the ground, hose it into the gutter or wash it down the sink, it will end up polluting our waterways. Water and the things that live in it aren't designed to cope with slicks of anything oily as it blocks the gases transfer from and to air and sticks all over the birds' wing when they get to water.

Keep used cooking oil in an old container and find out about disposal services at your local area or garbage collector offer. If you like to compost, mix the oil with some lawn clippings or sawdust, add some fertilizer and lime, and put it in the compost bin. All household oils are biodegradable.

Keep our waterways clean. :)

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