Tips to Make Computer Startup Faster

Tips to Make Computer Startup FasterTired waiting for a slow computer startup? Here are some tips to make your computer startup go faster.

First, enter the 'msconfig'. To do this click start, go to run and type 'msconfig' and hit enter. After msconfig is opened, click startup, no uncheck any software that you don't to be loaded during your computer startup, for example; winzip, winamp, quicktime, printer or anything (up to your use). If you want to uncheck everything is okay, but for your computer security, leave the antivirus and firewall check and loaded during startup.

Second, delete any shortcuts that you did not use (Windows XP have this function). This is how: Right click your desktop, select 'Properties'. A 'Display Properties' will open. The select 'Desktop' tab, and click 'Customize Desktop' button. 'Desktop Item' then opened. On 'General' click 'Clean Desktop Now' button. Then a clean up wizard will open, just follow the wizard instruction.

Third, remove your desktop wallpaper. Or you can use smaller size wallpaper. Wallpaper takes up RAM memory and take sometime to load if it is big. Big here means big file size.

Fourth, always clean and scan your hard disk. In Window XP, go to my computer, right click at the drive icon and select 'Properties'. The drive Properties will popup, on 'General' tab there is the 'Disk Cleanup' button for cleaning up your drive and 'Tools' tab, there are 'Error Checking' and 'Defragmentation' button for you to defrag and scan your hard disk for error. Defrag your hard disk at least once a month.

Fifth, scan your pc for adware, spyware or other wares that slow down your pc. To check press ctrl + alt + del simultaneously and check for any suspicious wares that are running on your computer. Or you can use spyware detector software like Spyware Doctor or AdAware to scan and remove adware, spyware, malware or other wares that is unwanted. These wares slow your computer very significantly.

Well, I think that’s it. If you want faster, you should consider upgrading your computer, at least adding more RAM. Hope that help. Bye. :)


  1. I agree - msconfig should be used regularly. I also signed up for a free registry fix and that often finds Trojans that can slow the machine down. Thanks for visiting my Adsense blog, you can also get some tips on using Wordpress on my other site

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