Practical Tips for Your Dining Space

Dining space with rectangle table and flower decorative.
- photo by decor8
Dining space needs the same approach like guest space and other spaces in home. This limited space may need some addition or more attention to adapt with it needs. Here are some dining space tips which can help:

- Because the guest space and dining space are in the same space, the approach for guest space is brought into the dining space, which is the use of bright wall color and white ceiling.

- To differentiate between dining space and guest space, you can lay carpet or mat as an effort to make the space looks more prominent.

- Dining space does not require excessive accessories. If you want to beautify the dining space, enough by placing a fresh bouquet of flower in low composition.

- A narrow dining space will become narrower if a sink placed nearby. If there is still space, place the sink at a corner space of non main pathway.

- A big dining table will need big space. Therefore buy small dining table equipped with four or six-chairs only.

- Pick rectangular shaped dining table and have moderate chair size.

- Dining table which can be changed it size or foldable and can be attached to the wall is a good and practical choice.

- Do not use round dining table type because it takes a lot of space.

- The use of glass surfaced dining table is highly encourage.

- In dining space, you do not need to put a carved cabinet. If you want a cabinet, it is enough with the one that have straight cut and two doors only.

Hope these tips could give some ideas. Have a nice day. :)

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