A Lifestyle Diet for Your Health

The festive season like those that passed this year and in prior years will be filled with delicious tempting and rich food and with all the festivities there will be little if any time to exercise. So again we spoil ourselves. But then again how many of us exercise anyway? The thing is that as time passes your lifestyle catches up with you and for the majority that’s not good to put it gently. Diets, slimming centers, pills and other quick fixes seem to be the rave these days but unfortunately most people only later realize the folly with these that they are lust what they are made out to be quick fixes. Being healthy inculcates many things: moderation, wise choice in diet and exercise remember that diets, pills and slimming centers are great as a short term measure but the key to better health lies in making very necessary changes to one’s lifestyle. Depending on the individual in question this may involve minor changes but more often than not the change needed is drastic.

A mount of fried rice would be great for your health.
A mount of fried rice would
be great for your health.
The first problem that requires checking is overeating. Unfortunately Asian cuisine that uses staples like rice and noodles rather liberally result in a very high carbohydrate intake, another problem is with the use of oils and coconut milk which are high in fat (the bad sort mind you!) and of course promote the development of cholesterol among a host of other things. But this is just the half of it! Our culture is the rest, we are encouraged to eat well and thus develop the habit of pilling our plates high with rice mounds that model Mount Kota Kinabalu! In reality our body will never use more than a tenth of this! So does this mean we have to stop eating? No. Just change WHAT we eat.

It is essential to keep in mind that individuals have different metabolic rates and have a unique genetic make up, so remember that only YOU can best judge what your body needs and doesn’t. There is no doctor, nutritionist or other medical expert better than you yourself, so take the trouble to really know your body! Generally speaking we Malaysians do have some common habits when it comes to diet, unfortunately these are more often than not, bad for us. The first is insufficient water intake. Being a tropical country consuming 2.5 to 3 liters for men and 2 to 2.5 for women is essential. Water is not only a coolant but also detoxifies the body, consuming more water also prevents water retention in most cases and reduces those between meal hunger pangs.

Then there are the all time favorites, Maggie Mee, Kway Teow and all the rest of it. These are particularly bad, in the case of Maggie, dehydrated noodles are very fattening and so is the lavish use of oil in Kway Teow. Such food should be taken but once a week at the most. Another problem is the consumption of red meat and wild meat. Then of course there is fast food like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and the whole lot that will have to go. In addition to fast food, smoking and drinking will have to go as well. What will replace this garbage are salads, cold cut sandwiches, fruits, fresh juices, cereals and steaks among other things.

Most people end up obese or with other health problems simply because of a lack of discipline. Much will have to be sacrificed initially but once you have made a change for the better you will notice the difference for yourself, you will look and feel different and you will BE different. You would have become HEALTHY. :)

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