Tips When Buying New Sofa

Don't let yourself disappointed because of your bad purchase. Hereunder enclose some tips before you make the decision to buy a new sofa.

Determine the Budget
First thing that you should make is preparing the fund. As for a good fund preparation, let it match with the budget and needs. If you want to replace sofa each four to six years, buy sofa which is not so expensive. But, if you want replace sofa in long time period, which is over than ten years, choose a strong sofa. Choose sofa with quality. Choice of either the branded or non-branded is depending to your budget and taste.

Check Carefully
There are few things should be examined carefully for a sofa. First, the strength of it stitches. Second, check feet sofa, is it steady enough, flat, and unwavering when occupied. Then check the chair arm, is the right and left is level. Last of all, check the wooden framework whether it feels strong or rickety.

Try Sitting
Sit on sofa for at least 5 minute before purchasing because the uncomfortableness of the sofa palpable during the period. Feel the comfort to the lower part. Whether feet flexura feels comfortable or feels recoil.

Good sofa design pleases the eyes.
Good sofa design pleases the eyes. - Photo by nicolas B - photographer

Choose sofa backing cloth (upholstery) with close woven fabric. Way to examine it is by rubbing your hand to stated cloth. Or, you may request the cloth example, then rub or squeeze it. If the fabric weaving is still closely intact, it means the cloth quality is good.

Density and Weight of Sofa
Good sofa is usually heavy. It indicates the sofa framework is made from high quality wood. Try to lift one of the sofa’s front legs, if after lifting to three centimeters the other front leg also lifted, then that indicate the frame is not strong.

Adapt with Decoration
To make the sofa appear compatible at your home, choose sofa that suitable with your house decoration. For example, if your house area is green, then choose sofa with the same colour or at least almost the same with it.


  1. OK - good tips on buying a sofa. Lots of sites have those. What I need are specific recommendations. I followed the tips a few years ago and ended up with a lemon. I bought the "best" couch from a mid-high end chain in my area. 8way tied, good frame, in top quality leather.

    The sofa has turned to garbage. The cushions have gone flat, they slide forward. The back cushions come off, one zipper is broken, the leather is deteriorating despite conditioning, I could go on.

    I need to replace this couch and matching chair. I want something that could be considered timeless. Something that my kids will inherit. Does such a couch exist? I'm not sure I even care too much about style or price as long as it will not be an embarrassment in a few years.

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  3. At some point we will need to buy a new sofa but it can be difficult to know where to start. Follow these simple tips while buying a new sofa.

    Thanks for sharing...