Tips to Reduce Waste from Packaging Materials

Packaging, they usually ends up as trash. They contributed some amount to the trash amount. In California as an example, one third of trash comes from packaging. That is huge amount of trash. Imagine the cost of this trash and money wasted for them. We buy them and throw them right away when we opened them.

Here are some tips to reduce the consumption of materials for packaging to help keep our environment clean and green:
  • Many manufacturer companies use large and attractive packager to their products. This actually is wasting raw material and money. As buyer, we are the one that have to bear this waste and cost.
  • Avoid from buying goods that is packed excessively. Choose simple packager and that can be recycled. If possible, purchase large package so you can reduce the trifles/smaller pack waste.
  • Some foods and house goods are sold in re-filling pack. With this, we can use the original product pack and reduce the use of packaging.
  • Maybe you did not realize how many of packagers like bottles which have been used at home. Try to gather all the packers that you want to throw for a week long and look at their amount. Try to think about some creative ways to reuse or recycle the packager. You could be making some money with it.
  • Avoid buying foods packed in styrofoam. Instead, bring your own container to pack the food. It’s better and cleaner.
These are just some ideas for us to think and do. It's simple, but why we seldom do it? :)

Landfill, the resting place of trash, everyday the trash amount grows,
but do we have enough landfills? We need other solutions.

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