Easing Computer Eye Strain

Reduce eye strain when working by a computer.
Reduce eye strain when working by a

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Staring on the monitor screen for long hours could cause damage to your eyes. According to researchers at Toho University school of medicine in Tokyo, staring the computer screen for nine hours or more daily can cause damage that is irreparable to the eyes. The researchers found a link between eyesight problems and heavy computer use in five percent of ten thousands middle age workers.

Prevent Blindness America recommends these to ease computer eye strain:
  1. Position your screen slightly lower than your eye level, and about 60 centimeters from your eyes.

  2. Use non-glare filter. This will reduce glare and reflections, making your eyes more relax.

  3. Gently press your palm onto your eyes every so often to relax your eye muscles.

  4. Take a look outside and see the greens of environment especially during the day, this will relaxed the eyes.

  5. Take time to do some stretching, if possible, try to alternate computing activities with other works.
Take time to relax your eyes. Remember, to prevent is easier than to treat. Bye, have a nice day. :)

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