Aromatherapy Herbs and Medicinal Herb: Natural Remedies

Besides used in or as foods, herbs also have medicinal and therapeutic properties. These are some herbs used in aromatherapy and as medicines.

Aromatherapy Herbs

Chamaemilum nobile Matricaria recutita
Chamomile soothes and relaxes and can be used to make teas and body lotions, scents and soaps. Potpourri can also be made chamomile.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Besides being made into potpourri, rosemary is also used in cosmetics, disinfectants and shampoos. The scent of Rosemary is also an effective memory stimulant and helps to relax muscles.

Lavandula angustifolia
One of the main ingredients of potpourri, Lavender has been used to mask unpleasant odors and ward off illness. Lavender oil also helps to soothe and calming frayed nerves.

Medicinal Herbs

- Acacia (Gum Arabic)
Acacia senegal, Acacia Arabica, Acacia vera
Acacia is used for soothing burns, helps reduce fevers and acts as an astringent for affected tissues on gum and mucous membrane ulcers. If you have diarrhoea (dysentery), drink small amounts in liquid form.

- Tansy (Yellow Cedar)
Tanacetum vulgare
Helps reduce pimples, freckles, sunburn, and inflammation in the mouth and body ulcers. Tansy also promotes menstrual flow (though will cause miscarriage in pregnant women). When applied directly can also kill lice, scabies and warts.

- Hawthorn
Hawthorn strengthens and regulates heart, heart defects/diseases and is good for stress and treats patients who have high and low blood pressure. Also relieves insomnia, vascular problems, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, digestion and hypertension allergies.

These are just some. There are many more which are useful to us. Bye. :)

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