10 Things You Should Know about Owning Your Own Car

Just because it's advertised to last 100,000km, it doesn't mean you just need to your oil once in three years! Some mechanics recommend using normal grade lubricants and changing them more regularly, for better longevity and car health.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Always check your tires for an unusual rate of deflation. Punctures usually start small and if detected early can save you from being stranded by the road. Check the radiator level and the condition of all lights on regular interval.

Road Tax and Insurance
Mark the expiry date of road tax and related matters on your regular calendar or put an alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder. The penalty of driving without valid road tax is dire.

Hazard Lights
Hazard lights are meant to be used only when you are stationary. Do NOT use them in the event of rain, as it is confusing to other drivers. Imagine signaling a turn with your hazard lights on?

Over Accessorizing is Bad
Filling your car with more Pooh bears than an average Toys R’ Us carries, makes your car look bully-able and obstructions on dashboard may be hazardous when airbags are deployed in the case of an accident.

Child Safety
Do not place babies in the front seat. Do not even leave kids unattended, playing in the car while stationary at a car park. Auto cars are so easy to use these days; a five-year old could do it.

Steering some cars can be like gym workouts. So top up the air in the tires every week for a more pleasant drive and better fuel economy.

Obey The Law
Follow the law. Just because the person next to you is jumping the light, you have no reason to follow him. Strobes, neons and exhausts the size of Steve Tyler's mouth is not "in" no matter what your neighbours say.

Stay Safe
Lock car doors immediately when you get into your cars. That's one of the first and most important safety rules and women tend to forget. You are always in danger of predators that may been watching you.

Accidents Happen
In case of accidents, don't be panic. Don't start punching. Don't start crying. It's not the end of the world. Call for help from friends and family and check for wounds.

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