Streamyx Broadband Configuration / Setting For ADSL Modem

Few days ago, I could not connect to the internet through my modem. I use daggerwing 114WL ADSL modem which have WIFI, 4 LAN port and a serial cable connection port. Streamyx has some problem before that and they admitted about this. I have reset my modem to factory default as I tried to solve the problem thinking that the problem is on my side. After doing that I cannot connect to the internet until one day I search on the net about the correct configuration. Okay, here is how I do it and the correct configuration:

1. Go to the ADSL Administrative console by typing at the address of your browser, use internet explorer to ensure no problem. Log in to your modem, enter your modem login username and password, not the streamyx one.

2. Once logged in it will display your Administration Information, you can check your configuration here. The correct configuration should have this configuration:

WAN Interface
VPI/VCI : 0/35
Connection : RFC2516 PPPoE
Encapsulation : LLC Encapsulation
Dial On Demand Off
Dial On Demand Timeout (min) 1

LAN Interface
Router IP
DHCP Server Enabled
DHCP Leases to
DNS Server xxx.xx.xx.xx
PPTP Pass-Through Disabled
IPSEC Pass-Through Disabled
(note: xxx.xx.xx.xx - IP number, not displayed for safety reason)

3. Once check if there any difference especially on the WAN interface, you should correct them to be able to connect to streamyx broadband. To do this, browse 'Configuration > WAN interface' and enter the correct value as above.
Daggerwing admin console.For authentication, select PAP (default), for handshake, select authenticatee (default) and dialing, permanent. Refer screenshot below:
Daggerwing admin console 2.
4. Don't forget to enter your username and password. This is the streamyx username and password. Then click 'Save' and reboot your ADSL router modem.

5. You should be able to connect now. If still no connection, the problem should be something else: line problem, server problem, etc. Just contact their customer service.

Hope this help for those who's having problem to connect to streamyx broadband. Bye. :)

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