Sharlinie, Another Child Kidnapping Case

We have heard the sad news of Nurin Jazlin. She have been kidnapped then sexually molested, until she met her last moment. It is really cruel and sad. I felt really sad for her parents for her lost and I could not imagine their emotion over this.

Now come a new case of the same kidnap case. It looked as the same as Nurin's case. This girl is just 5 years old. She is Sharlinie. If you have seen this girl please contact her father's number or the police number as in the photo:
Where is Sharlinie? poster.
The police also releases the suspect photo fit:

The kidnapper of Sharlinie suspect sketch.
While I heard many speculations on these cases, I hope the police will nab the criminal (s). They found some clues, but still searching, hopefully it will end good.

I grieve for Nurin's & her parent, and pray that Sharlinie will be save and found. Someday crime will pay, just wait....

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