How to Identify and Catch an Online Liar or Scammer

I think that everybody should be aware that the online world is also full or scams and lies. In facts, there are many websites, especially those quick rich scheme websites telling you this and that. When we connect online with others it makes tougher to us to tell whether some is lying or telling the truth. So here is some simple tips for us to catch these online liar and scammers.

According to the communication professor of Cornell University, Professor Jeff Hancock, just look to these things:

They Use Lots of Words
Liars and scammers use more words and details to try to sound more believable. If some one tells you how bad he or she are more than you need to know, and sound like trying to convince you, chance are he or she is lying. Same thing goes to websites or things online, when surfing or chatting online.

Avoiding The Use of I's
Liars and scammers use more he, she, they and we more that I pronouns. "We are a stock trading company" is more likely to be a scam than "I trade". "We're late because the cab has lost it ways" is more likely to be a lie than "I late for my bus".

So be careful when online or in the real world, especially with some one which is a stranger to you and remember not to trust everything you hear or read, but instead use your judgement. Hope that will help. Have a nice day. Bye... :)

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