Crazy Cow Steal Attempt, Load It into a Car

Pack a cow into a sedan. This is what has been done by a thief in his attempt in Kulim, Kedah. It is hard to imagine how they pack the cow into the back seat of the Proton Wira car.

However the attempt to steal the cow has failed when the car skidded to a palm tree after being chased by the villagers. They were shocked then to discover that a cow been placed at the back seat when the cow's head jutted out of the window. The back seat have been removed from the section to load the cow. However the thief managed to escape though being chased by the villagers.Cow in a car. A cow steal attempt.It is believed that the thief want to slaughter the cow in a secret location. Nowadays, even your cow is not safe. :|

Harian Metro

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