Basic Tips for Growing Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and comes in many colour and appearances. Most orchids are epiphytes which requires no soil to live. This makes orchids more difficult to be grown compare to the normal houseplant. These are some basic tips for growing orchids for some nice buds:

An orchid.Where to Buy?
Find a reputable nursery. Ensure that you get a properly labelled plant and you can return to them for some advice. You also can find websites that sell hard to find plants.

How to Spot a Good One?
Check their leaves. Pick plants with glossy green and intact leaves. Check also their roots. Good ones are with a robust root system. Small intervals of past flowering is also good.

What It Needs?
In the wild, they receive light that been shaded by large trees. So, give them this same amount of sunlight, maybe using some sunlight filters. When unsure, don't water that day. Give them some weak weekly fertilizer for fertilizing.

Common Problems?
Scales can form on the underside of the leaves. Discard heavily infested plants. Failure to flower is usually because of poor growing conditions, especially inadequate light and fertilizer.

Hope it help. Bye.. :)


  1. one more thing...
    Find an Orchid Club in area where you (reader) live. It is very helpful.

  2. Orchid club, thanks for your tip. My mother would like it. She grows many orchid, but we don't have any club yet, just some friends that shares the same hobby.

  3. Ha! YOU can make an orchid club :)