Amazing Underwater Creature Camouflage

Camouflage or disguise, used by animal first rather human. They evolved to have this amazing ability to protect them self from being hunted, or conversely to hunt. Predators use them to sneak up preys without being noticed, and preys use them to hide them self from predators.

There are a lot of camouflage used by animals. They transform shape to become bigger, shape shifting, change colour, mimicking and imitating other creatures, using their bio luminescence features to hunt or to run.

This videos below shows some amazing water and sea creatures using all these features. The tadpoles transform bigger to save their self, the octopus virtually disappear in the sea becoming stealth to it prey, the mimic octopus mimic other dangerous creatures, squid hunts by stealth techniques and bio luminescence microorganism use their ability to flare for help. I think you should all these amazing oceanic creatures for your self. Click the play button in this video to play it.

These animals are certainly unique and amazing, especially with these abilities. Their survival on this planet highly relies on their ability to evade, deceive, and detract, either to eat or not to being eaten. Amazing right? :)

Video by: National Geographic

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