November 2007

Panduan Memikat Wanita: Jadilah Lelaki Yang Misteri

How to Impress People Without Overdoing It

Misteri Bola PING PONG.......

Top 5 Most Typical Dreams and Their Explanations

Time Limit for Food in Refrigerator's Freezer

Duct Taped The Baby On Wall - An Alternative Way To Left Baby While You Doing Homework...or To Punish Them.. :P

Punca Graduan Gagal Temuduga / Interview

19 Great Google Easter Eggs Revealed

Blueberry Muffin

A Loving Mum

The Simpsons : Real World Live Action Introduction

More Funny Answers That Make Mathematic Teachers Goes Nut

The Bouncing Airplane Landing: Worst Ever

Tongue Twisters...

Koleksi Petua-petua Untuk Kesihatan - Bahagian 2

The Timeline of The Digital Age Development

Koleksi Petua-petua Untuk Kesihatan - Bahagian 1

Prison vs Working Place: Comparison Study...

Lawak Tandas di KLCC

My Favourite David Copperfield Flying Magic Show

Toads Are 'Open-Minded' About Sex

Obesity Could Heighten Risk of Cancer in Women

Udang Goreng Madu

Funny Animal Videos and Commercials

Google Goes Mobile: Gphone Or Android?

Famous King Tutankhamun's Face Unveiled

Importance Of Sleep and 5 Don't s When Sleeping

Study Preparation & How to Revise Effectively

October 2007

Which One We Should Take After a Meal: Hot Drink or Cold Drink?

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