Free Online Alternative for Microsoft Office

Thinkfree office online.Yes, this is free, the online Microsoft Office alternative software/application, ThinkFree. You don't have to install or download them, except that you have to wait for a few seconds for the applications to load from the internet. Come together with them is 1GB free online storage for users.

I think this is the best alternative for Microsoft Office, and it's available online, meaning that you can use them on the fly.

They are completely useful for peoples who often get online for works or other purposes. They offer basic office applications ie word processing (ThinkFree Write), spreadsheets editor and calculator (ThinkFree Calc) and presentations editor (ThinkFree Show). Their compatibility with Microsoft Office files is not a problem.

The free services offered by ThinkFree are:
- Online alternative to Microsoft Office
- 1GB online storage
- Online document collaboration
- Document viewer
- Documents: ThinkFree Docs

I have given them a try for each application and think that they are very much the same as Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms PowerPoint in the Microsoft Office suit. They also have the function to save files as PDF. File sharing is also available, easing you to write online, save them and share them on your website.

Screenshots taken on their account interface, looks neat and tidy:

Thinkfree Online Screenshot.
My try on their word processor, ThinkFree Write:

Thinkfree Online Screenshot 2.
Their spreadsheets editor and calculator, ThinkFree Calc :

Thinkfree Online Screenshot 3.
...and the presentations editor, ThinkFree Show:

Thinkfree Online Screenshot 4.
As you can see in the screenshots above, they are really much alike with the Microsoft Office. Because the applications runs on JAVA, your computer need to be installed with JAVA first. No other than that, I found that their applications are excellent, though at this time they are still in beta phase.

Come on, give them a shot. It's free.
Visit their website here: ThinkFree, The Best Online Office On Earth.
Sign up for your account.

Other best alternative is, however you have to download and install the software first. The pro of is you don't have to be online to use them, so don't have to be connected to the internet to use it.

So why use pirated software when you have the free alternatives? Avoid piracy. Hope this help all, bye. :)

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