Boost Up Your Windows XP Internet Speed

Here is a way to boost up your internet speed without having to upgrade your internet subscription. It is some sort of tweak or hacking the windows networking setting to make the connection concentrate on internet browsing and downloading only. Here are the steps of tweaking it. This is on Windows XP.

Click Start>Run

Windows Start Menu

Type 'GPEDIT.MSC' and click OK.

Run gpedit

A 'Group Policy' window will open. Browse it:
Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > QoS Packet Scheduler
Then on the right column double click on the 'Limit reservable bandwidth'.


At first it was 'Not Configured', click 'Enabled' to enable it and set the Bandwidth limit (%) to 0.

Bandwidth limit setting.

Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'. Restart your computer.

Hope that help you to boost your internet speed a little bit. Take note that there were many other factors that affect your internet speed such as computer speed, cable wiring condition, spywares, and other bottlenecks. If you need much much higher speed, just upgrade your internet line subscription. Bye. :)

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