Top 5 Most Typical Dreams and Their Explanations

These are top 5 dreams typically dreamed by us and their explanation. These were based on surveys and studies done by Patricia Garfield, a psychologist and author of The Universal Dream Key.
  1. Being chased.
    When author Patricia Garfield surveyed 500 people about their dreams, 80 percent reported dreams of being chased or attacked. For kids, it's usually animals such as bears, while adults are often pursued by potential murderers, robbers or rapist. "Any emotional threat in our environment, by a person or a situation, can be transformed into a literal, concrete threat in dream," says Garfield.

  2. Sexual dreams.
    In a study of 1100 Canadian university students, 85 percent of men and 23 percent pf women said they'd had a sexual dream. Some fall into the repressed-idea category, such as dreams of sleeping with a friend's spouse.

  3. Falling.
    On a cliff, out of bed, onto the footpath: Many people awaken with a jolt. According to Garfield, the natural release of the day's tension in a muscular jerk may partially explain falling dreams, but a feeling of being 'let down' or having no emotional support may also play a role.

  4. School dreams.
    About 60 percent of university students have anxiety-ridden dreams of sitting down to write an exam they never studied for. But adults have these night vision too; for most of us, the first time we feel tested is in school, says Garfield, and that feeling stays with us.

    Sleeping and dreaming.
  5. Flying.
    The feeling is thought to come from our parents tossing us into the air when we are children. Happy, freeing times throughout our lives can bring euphoria-filled dreams.
There are lot more dreams, sometime they make us feel really happy. Sometime they keep us wondering what are their meaning. Hope we all have good dreams, bye. :)

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