Toads Are 'Open-Minded' About Sex

Did you know that toad are 'open-minded' about sex? I'm talking about female toad here, not the male one. So guys I'm sorry....

A study reveal that a species of toad, the spadefoot will mate with other male toad of other species to help boost the survival rates of their offspring. Well, this of course would only occurs under some conditions.

Dr Pfenning, from the University of North Carolina, has discovered that when a pond is very shallow, one species of female spadefoot, S. bombifrons, will often mate with another closely relates species, D. multiplicata, rather than males of their own kind. She believes the reason is down to tadpole development. S. bombifrons tadpoles develop much more slowly than D. multiplicata, meaning they have to spend longer in the ponds. The hybrid tadpoles will develop more quickly, so they can survive more if the pond dries quickly.

Related species huh? I hope girls out don't be too open-minded, by the way, what is the related species of a human being? Hmmm...... oh... I don't think so.

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