Time Limit for Food in Refrigerator's Freezer

I know all people like to store their food in freezers and there's nothing easier than pulling something out of the freezer and popping it into the oven to quickly feed a hungry family. But food can overstay its welcome in the freezer, to ensure what you take out tastes as good as what you put in, keep your freezer at 0 degrees C, only freeze fresh produced food and use air-tight containers. Most important of all, follow these time limits:

Food in Freezer

Maximum Storage

Breads, rolls

6-8 months

Butter and margarine

9 months

Citrus fruits

4-6 months

Cut-up chicken (uncooked)

9 months

Frozen juice concentrate

12 months

Frozen vegetables

8-12 months

Fruits except citrus

8-12 months

Ice cream and sorbet

1 month

Lamb and beef roast (uncooked)

12 months

Pork and veal roast (uncooked)

8 months

Whole chickens and turkeys (uncooked)

12 months

Hope this will help us to know is it our food in the fridge is still good to eat or not and not let us waste the still good frozen food to the dustbin. Bye. :)

Source: Tupperware

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