More Funny Answers That Make Mathematic Teachers Goes Nut

This was answered by Jim Tran. He did pass the test though the answer is ninja turtle. He is now a graduate in architecture. You can visit his website on the address in the picture.

A logical answer. I think the kid answer is right. There could be many reasons why the engineer boss fired him, and this kid has given one of those answer, few thousand more answers are available.

Oh man, dirty answer like this may boiled the teacher up.

Hahaha...elephant in the way, nice try.

Hahaha...Integral of batman from Batman to nil is Bruce Wayne. Gotham City would appreciate the answer, especially the bad guys Joker, Two Faces and Penguin.

Well explained by the kid. He's right, but why he got the crosses???

Oh sad...he tried to answered it. He did the expansion. But the ink splashed on his answer.

Haha...if you are the teacher, you have to be patience, kid answered from their heart, if that the answer they gave, they really meant it. They don't have other intention. And they can be very funny....

Hope you like it..there are more answers like this in my previous post.

Bye and smile. :)

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