How to Impress People Without Overdoing It

Handshake give first impression.First impressions can take less than 30 seconds to make but it last for months or years. If you want to make people wow at you at first sight, try these:

Speak Silently
Body language accounts for 55 % of a first impression; what you say is just 7 %, says one study. The best posture? Arms at your sides, leaning forward slightly. It may feel awkward at first but it looks open and attentive.

Warm Up The Shake
At parties, prevent a cold, clammy grip by holding your glass in your left hand. Keep your right hand free for a quick, warm and firm handshake.

Follow The "Rule of Twos"
Research suggests that using a person's name and offering compliments boost first impressions. But don't overdo it. Use the tactics twice, at most, or you may come across as manipulative or overly familiar.

These are some of the tips. You can find more in How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression by author Lynda Goldman.

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