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Thank you so much for visiting my sites. I hope you will find what you're looking for. If you can't find them, use the search function on the above section this blog. Also try to browse the archive on the left side of this blog.

Well, what is 'macam-macam'? Macam-macam means miscellaneous or many things. Macam-macam is a Malay word and is used in the South East Asia Region, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and southern Thailand. This symbolize that the region come from one culture, evidence by many cultural and historical similarities. The histories of the regions shows that the early era of South East Asian comes from one empire, which are Majapahit, then Malacca, Aceh, Sulu, Pattani and several others which were related to each others.

Okay, the reason for selecting macam-macam. Obviously, I wrote many thing in this blog, meaning that I write macam-macam here. It's easier, I can write every day on many topics. Like the famous pak cik (uncle) in Astro commercials said, "Macam-macam ada....". (ada=have)

Hope that you will enjoy what I post here. If you would like to be update automatically, don't hesitate to subscribe to my blog.

Finally, thank you for visiting and please come again.

Jali :)

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